Ken Weber
Your Source For Commercial Real Estate


Why Invest in Commercial Real Estate?
1. Investments return 12% or better.
2. Never as liquid as stock or bonds.
3. Tax savings.

Why Use Ken Weber?
1. I make money for my investor clients.
2. Constantly networks to find great investments.
3. I own buildings.  I can relate!
4.  I've been buying and selling commericial building for over 20 years!


Commercial Value of Services

Why list your commercial property with me? 

My Goal: Maximizing the exposure of the property is my goal and to get the information to as many people as possible locally, nationally, and internationally.


Property Listings
Your property will be listed on over 300 websites through the many networks I belong to.  The more websites, the more visibility to potential buyers.  I also email your listing to my personal Real Estate network which includes over 2,000 real estate professionals, investors, and business owners!

Brochure of Listing
An advertising brochure is made up of your property which includes detailed information and pictures about the property, which I can email or give to prospective buyers of your property.  This brochure is in full color and highlights all of the special features of your property.

Outdoor – The Typical sign is 4 ft. by 6 ft., or 4 ft. by 8 ft.
Indoor – The signs are usually 36” by 36”, but may be different due to space available.

Seller Custom Analysis
I understand how important numbers are in a real estate transaction.  That's why knowing the numbers you and your potential buyer needs is something I take seriously.  I will prepare a Custom Analysis for you and your buyers.
     1)  The analysis is based on your total square footage.
     2)  Using vacancy factors and your expenses, I come up with the cap rate and return of equity. 
     3)  All these numbers lead to what your sales price can be.
     4) This information makes it easy for potential buyers to see the value of your property and can make their decision easier.